Abid Zaman

Before running, the person would be advised to do warm ups i.e. drills about the distance of 40 metres. This would also act as a practice for my chosen skill, (Striding)

First of all I would watch the person run and then I would change his/her technique so it looks suitable to match my skill i.e. striding.

I would look for: -


  • Movement-coordination, rhythmic rather than the stiff and mechanical.

  • Check if the hands/feet swing too far in front of the body.

  • I would check if the hands/feet swing too low, with limited elbow bend and heel kick-up.

  • Also the movement is powered by “reaching and pulling” instead of “loading and firing”.
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Now I will teach the person on how to keep a rhythmic movement and a balanced forward posture.

  • If you refine the positions of your hands, arms, elbows and posture, your foot placement and leg drive will automatically improve as well.

  • I would briefly explain to keep his/her hands within chest- touching distance as they swing from heart height to just above your waist line, then the elbows unbending slightly and then back up to heart height.

  • You should not be able to see your hands on the forward swing.

  • Keeping your forearm at ...

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