Progressive practises to develop my passing skills in netball

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Progressive practises to develop my passing skills in netball

Passing is an essential skill in netball as to play netball you need to pass the ball. No matter what position you play in netball whether you are a mid-court player (centre) or on the goal line as goal defence, you have to pass the ball. There are a variety of passes used when playing netball and it is important that netball players can use them all as each of the different passes have their advantages and disadvantages according to the situation the player is in. For example, the shoulder pass is appropriate when a player needs to pass the ball over a far distance as this pass is a long, straight pass that covers the distance well.

The aim is to develop a variety of passes as to make players less predictable to the opposition and to use the appropriate pass in any given situation.

To introduce passing to a beginner, I would begin by using a fixed practise which is simple and one which does not require a lot of processing of information.

To begin the learner will do a few warm up activities and this will help them develop a good feel for the ball.

  • Throw the ball from one hand to the other across the body.
  • Progression – Try doing it above your head.

  • Throw and catch the ball to yourself. Use two hands to begin with.
  • Progression - Use one hand

  • Throw the ball above the head, behind your back so you have to turn to catch it. Do this to your right side and then to your left side.
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  • Progression – Now clap before you catch it

  • With your feet astride, place the ball between your knees, with one hand to the back of the ball and the other hand to the front. Change hands without allowing the ball to fall to the ground.

  • With a ball in each hand, throw and catch them simultaneously, first with the same hand, then with the opposite hand.

Practise 1

Pass the ball between to stationary people and the specific passing movement is practised repeatedly (use the different types of passes). For this task the practise is static ...

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