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Purpose And Aim Of Training Programme.

Extracts from this document...


PLANNING Purpose And Aim Of Training Programme My name is Hammad Naveed, I am 15 years old, about five foot tall, and weigh about seven stone. This is why I want to do a training programme for building up my strength endurance. I need it most because of my height and weight. I want to build up my strength because it is basically my weakness. I want to build up my stamina because I need it in long-length sports, like football. The purpose of a Training Programme is to identify the work to be carried out to achieve agreed objectives. Our objectives could either be, to improve strength, stamina, speed, or suppleness. Preparation, training, and fitness relate to the training programme in a basic way. You have got to be or have done these three things to get a positive training programme. If you are not or have not done these three things it will affect your performance in a very negative way. If you haven't prepared, if you haven't been training, and you're not fit than you will not perform as good as you could have done. This is because your muscles would have been relaxing for a long time period and so when you start the programme your muscles wont be ready to carry out a task which you have not done for a long time. But if you had been training than your body would easily be able to take on this task, then you will perform better than someone who has not trained. Exercise is very important, if you want to be fit and healthy. Exercise keeps the body in good physical condition, unlike most machines, the body's main motor, the heart, actually works better the more it is worked. Other organs and body systems also work better if they are exercised regularly. The minimum amount of exercise recommended is three times a week for approximately twenty minutes. ...read more.


You know this because if I was performing the activities at my full potential, my heartbeat after exercising should be closer to 205 beats per minute. Though, it is even hard for athletes to reach their maximum heart rate or the maximum number of beats per minute that your heart is capable of beating. This is because even though my heart may be able to reach 205 beats per minute, it does not mean that the rest of my body will still be working. If you are not fit, your arms and legs will tire well before your heart gets to its maximum heart rate. The Attitude And Motivation Of The Performer When training, motivation is a very important factor that affects your performance. If you are not motivate, not bothered, to train than you will not perform well, but if you are motivated and want to do some training than you will perform much better. Aspects which can cause a lack of motivation are things like the weather, like if it is raining or windy and you have to do outdoor activities people will not want to do it, and so lower your performance. It could just be because you need someone like your teacher to motivate you whilst training, you need someone to push you. Motivation has affected my planning and performance. Motivation is actually the only reason why I did not perform to my standards. This is because half the time we were training, I was fasting and so I was feeling very thirsty and hungry at the time. Therefore I was not bothered to tire myself out, or sometimes I just did not have the energy to train hard. From time to time you could see my results improve much higher than others. This is because in the weights room every now and than we had music playing. The music motivated many of us when we were training and so our results were better. ...read more.


I might have done better the second time if it was not for these factors but not by much. Which shows that after all the training done in the weights room, my fitness level did not improve by much and so I did not achieve my aim. By doing this training programme and writing it out, I have learned about health related fitness. I did not know about the four main components, which make up a healthy lifestyle, exercise, diet, hygiene, and rest. Exercise is very important, if you want to be fit and healthy. Exercise keeps the body in good physical condition. Exercise helps maintain overall health by promoting fitness, relieving stress and facilitating weight management. It contributes to general physical and emotional well being. Excessive exercise, such as extreme activities, which stress the body, should be avoided. Encourage patients to maintain a good fitness level and an active lifestyle, including activities they have previously enjoyed, or perhaps new ones. Some good exercise activities include walking, aerobics, lifting weights and swimming. Promoting healthy eating and an active lifestyle undoubtedly contributes to the prevention of obesity. Healthy eating is defined to be not only the consumption of a healthy diet and the health benefits this offers, including protection against chronic disease. Adequate rest/sleep is important in maintaining general health. Research shows that individuals with lack of sleep or poor quality sleep significantly experience poor performance at work, memory difficulties, concentration problems, and twice as many fatigue-related accidents as compared to good sleepers. I think the training programme has had some effect on me. It may not be a short-term effect because I have not noticed it but it may be a long-term effect. The exercise has done some good in me, I feel as though my endurance has been strengthened but I cannot prove this because I have not collected enough data. I needed more time to prove that I have become more physically fit and need the right equipment, which we did not get to use. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Acquiring, Developing & Performance Skill section.

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