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Scenario: You are investigating the role of organisations involved in sports development

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Scenario: You are investigating the role of organisations involved in sports development. Part a Select two sports organisations involved in sports development schemes and describe their roles, aims and objectives. Two sports organisations involved in sports development schemes are Sport England and UK sport. Both organisations aim to develop sports however, they aim to do it in different ways, and they aim to help different people. Sport England is responsible for putting the Government's plan for sport into action. They are doing this in various ways, such as, giving money to sports organisations in different areas. Sport England is the name for the English sports council. It is funded by the government (who are currently providing �35 million) and they act as a distributor of National Lottery money (which is currently �200 million). ...read more.


The roles of the regional offices are to: * Promote Sport England policy through regional sports boards * Keep Sport England in touch with needs at grassroots level * Have close links with local authorities, local sports councils, national governing bodies and other organisations involved with sport, education, recreation and the environment The local sports councils are supported by Sport England but they act independently. Their role is to: * Bring together local people, clubs and groups interested in sport * Discuss problems, exchange views and plan for the future * To promote developments in local sports in the best interests of the community Sport England is also responsible for a network of ten centres run by the English Institute of Sport (EIS). ...read more.


* Retain people in sport and active recreation through an effective network of clubs, sport facilities, coaches, volunteers and competitive opportunities * Make sporting success happen at the highest level The role of UK Sport is to deal with high-performance sport at the UK level and aim to achieve sporting excellence for Britain. In order to do this, it: * Gives full support to top performers through the World Class Performance Programme and the UK Sports institute * Distributes National Lottery money to projects which promote and support sporting influences * Extends the UK's international sporting excellence * Encourages the world's major sporting events to come to the UK * Promotes ethical standards of behaviour * Is the UK's national anti-doping agency ...read more.

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