Short and Long term effects of exercise on the body.

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Muscles contract more often and more quickly.

The more you exercise the more the muscles contract.

Increase in the flow of blood to the working muscles.

During physical exercise, muscles contract and expand laterally. The intramuscular pressure exerted on the veins by the surrounding muscle pushes blood through the one-way valves of the veins, returning it to the heart.

Muscles take up more oxygen from the blood.

If you are going to be exercising for more than a few minutes, your body needs to get oxygen to the muscles or the muscles will not function. Just how much oxygen your muscles will use depends on two things: getting blood to the muscles and extracting oxygen from the blood into the muscle tissue. Your working muscles can take oxygen out of the blood three times better than your resting muscles. Your body has several ways to increase the flow of oxygen full blood to working muscle:

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  • increase blood flow to the working muscle
  • diversion of blood flow from non-essential organs to the working muscle
  • increase flow of blood from the heart
  • increase rate and depth of breathing
  • increase unloading of oxygen from haemoglobin in working muscle

Increase in waste products produced by the muscle.

Rise in muscle temperature.

A break down in muscle tissue.

More muscle fibres contract

Muscles increase in size (hypertrophy).

Hypertrophy is the increase of a size or organ. The most common type of organ hypertrophy occurs in the skeletal muscle. 

Muscles become ...

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