Six Week Training Programme for Tennis

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The sport in which has been chosen for the six-week training programme is tennis, and I have decided that I will take part in it by me instead of training a group of people. First, I will tell you an assessment of me with the following criteria:

  1. Ability – I am able to play tennis and am well aware of the:

  • Rules of the game;
  • How the equipment works to my best advantage;
  • How the body moves and the factors that have power over it’s movement;
  • The tactics of the game;
  • What skills are required of me;

I feel confident that I can increase my performance in tennis in my six-week programme.

  1. Fitness – I have tested my aerobic capacity with the ‘multistage fitness test’ and I got 12.8, which is a high score according to ‘The World Of Sport Examined’ book. I will test myself again after three weeks then again after six weeks to see if there is any improvement.  

  1. Age – I am 15 years of age and this has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage(s) are:

  • My arteries are more elastic than a 40 year old so it’s very unlikely to develop a poor blood pressure.
  • I’m at a young age so I can tone my body into what I want.
  • As a young person, I can stretch better than and 40 year old.

The disadvantage(s) are:

  • My muscles aren’t fully developed, so I haven’t reached my full potential of muscular power yet.

The factors of fitness I will be using in the sport tennis are as follows:

  • Coordination – I use coordination in tennis when carrying out a series of movements smoothly and efficiently. E.g., Tennis serves.
  • Speed– I use speed in tennis when moving all my body parts quickly. E.g. Moving from side to side and to the net and back.
  • Reaction time – I use reaction time in tennis when reacting to the opponent’s reaction. E.g. Reacting to the movement of the ball.
  • Muscular power – I use muscular power in tennis when contracting my muscles with speed and force in an explosive act. E.g. Serving.
  • Agility - I use agility in tennis when moving side to side of the court.
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However, in this six-week programme I will focus my attention on three factors of fitness, they are:

  • Coordination
  • Agility
  • Muscular power

The way in which I will test these factors of fitness is by using one test for each factor from book ‘The World Of Sport Examined’. Then I will use the scores provided and put it in a result table. I will do this at the beginning of the six-weeks, and at the midpoint of three weeks and at the end of the six-weeks so that I can see if that is ...

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