Sport and exercise sciences; Skeletal system and joints of the human body.

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Level 3 diploma in sport and exercise sciences

unit 1; Task 1

Axial skeleton

The axial skeleton is the central structure of the skeleton, it consists of 80 different bones and seperated into 5 seperate sections, The skull, The ossicles which is the inner ear, The hyboid bone which is the throat, The rib cage and the vertebral column

The axial skeleton main task is to house and protect the braing, spinal cord and the vital organs of the human body.

Appendicular skeleton

The appendicular skeleton consists of 126 bones and is made up from 6 different sections which are;

  • The Pectoral girdles which contain the left and right clavicle and the scapula.
  •  The arm and forearms which contain the left and right humerus which is the arm, the ulna and the radius which makes up the forearm.
  • The hands which are made up of 6 main bones which are the Carpal, the Metacarpal, proximal phalanges, middle phalanges, distal phalanges and the sesmoid.
  • The pelvis is structured by the left and right Coxae.
  • The thigh and leg are made up of 5 main sections which are the Femur, which is the thigh, the Tibia, the Patella and the fibula which is the leg.
  • The feet, which are much like the hands are made out of Tarsals, which is the ankle, the Metatarsals, the Proximal phalanges, the middle phalanged, the distal phalanges and the Sesamoid.
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Task 2

The skeletons are made out of 5 different types of bones, which are;

  • The long bones which are the longest in the body, they consist of such bones as the Femur, the Humerus and the Tibia, but are also some of the smallest bones within the body aswell, which are the Metacarpals, the Metatarsals and the Phalanges.
  • The short bones which are as wide as they are long and provide support and movement to the hands, wrist and feet, they consist of a layer of hard bone with large amounts of bone marrow inside it.
  • Flat bones ...

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