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SPORTS ACTIVITY SESSION PLAN - football shooting skills

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OCR Level 1/2 Cambridge Nationals in Sport Studies SPORTS ACTIVITY SESSION PLAN – TASK 2 CANDIDATE NAME: Joseph Hayford ACTIVITY: Football NO OF PARTICIPANTS: 10 AGE RANGE: 11-16 ABILITY LEVEL Beginners VENUE On the field – The full ground SUPERVISION NEEDS FOR SESSION My PE teacher and I -------------------------------------------------------- Responsibilities: Making sure you have the correct equipment and make the right decisions. OJECTIVES FOR THE SESSION For the warmup: To be able to manage your stamina For the main: To be able to kick the ball and shoot the ball in the net consistently For the main: To be able to learn how to dribble and use various types of shooting techniques. EMERGENCY PROCEDURES If the surroundings are not suitable for the participants, the lesson will resume in a different venue to prevent injuries or broken equipment. ...read more.


Everyone will be switching position like from a striker to a goalkeeper after every 3 minutes so each person can improve in lacking areas. ---------------------------------------------------------- This will activate functions around your body (mainly the leg muscles/ carves) and in the mood to continue. This will collectively put the group in a good condition. ----------------------------------------------- This will massively enhance their ability to shoot accurately towards the net and their controllability with the ball. This teaches you how correctly manoeuvre the ball and how to kick the ball in general. ---------------------------------------------- This could help you learn from your mistakes reflect of that and improve, also benefit you to overcome certain problems. This could tell you: What did I do wrong? How am I going to fix it? Etc. May build your confidence. ...read more.


STEP 3 State the probability of the hazard occurring (high, low, medium) STEP 4 List the people who are at risk from the hazards you have identified STEP 5 List what could be done to reduce the risks. Note any action that you think is needed May trip over cones Low Low People that don’t pay attention to their surroundings. Placing the cones as further back as possible, better notice. The sun High Medium Most whiter people and people with sensitive skin. - Applying Sun cream before playing - Playing in the shade Wet ground Medium High People without studs' incorrect footwear Carrying spare football boots Running into each other Medium Medium Ball gazers Increasing space Twisted ankle Low High People with football boots Practicing balance Cramps Low Medium People that get it usually. Drinking a lot of water before a game. Muscle strain Low Medium Anyone Warmup before a game ...read more.

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