SPORTS ACTIVITY SESSION PLAN - football shooting skills

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OCR Level 1/2 Cambridge Nationals in Sport Studies SPORTS ACTIVITY SESSION PLAN – TASK 2 CANDIDATE NAME:Joseph Hayford ACTIVITY:FootballNO OF PARTICIPANTS:10AGE RANGE:11-16ABILITY LEVELBeginnersVENUE                                                            On the field – The full groundSUPERVISION NEEDS FOR SESSIONMy PE teacher and I --------------------------------------------------------Responsibilities: Making sure you have the correct equipment and make the right decisions. OJECTIVES FOR THE SESSIONFor the warmup: To be able to manage your staminaFor the main: To be able to kick the ball and shoot the ball in the net consistentlyFor the main: To be able to learn how to dribble and use various types of shooting techniques.EMERGENCY PROCEDURESIf the surroundings are not suitable for the participants, the lesson will resume in a different venue to prevent injuries or broken
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equipment.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Health and safety: Checking any kind of allergies the participants have or equipment left over the venue in addition to sanitation.SOME PROMPTING FROM THE TEACHERLITTLE PROMPTING FROM THE TEACHER xPRODUCED INDEPENDENTLYTIMEACTIVITYMAIN TEACHING POINTSORGANISATIONRESOURCES/EQUIPMENT  3 Min Warm up: Jogging around the upper section side of the fieldThe participants will be jogging around the cones that has been marked in a shape of a sqaure----------------------------------------------------------Main:The group will be lined up opposite the goal net, everyone will be having a turn dribbling the ball towards the goalkeeper (if there is one) and then shooting it in the net. (If there is an uneven ...

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