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Sports Technology

Assignment 2

Sports equipment and materials have been continually developing for many decades, due to the advancement in science and technology. It has effected many areas in sport including, video and movement analysis with the use of Prozone, high speed cameras, stronger and more flexible equipment, more protective clothing and better playing facilities.

   These advancements have played an extremely important part in helping individuals and teams prepare for training and games better; it has also allowed for very detailed assessments to be taken so they can improve and maintain high standards of performance.

Prozone was founded in 1999; their focus was and still is to provide match and performance analysis for teams in order for them to improve performance quality. In order to do this they focus on scouting, post-match break down, live analysis feedback and trend analysis queries.

  8th April 2008

   Their service is always matched to the team’s goal, values and aims, so that the team can get the most out of the products, an example of how Prozone’s products and services are used within the coaching process is shown in the following diagram:

  8th April 2008

The development of computers and their software has allowed for companies like Prozone to enlarge the services and products they offer. Back in 1992, when the English Premier League was formed, technology such as Prozone’s was not around and analysis of a game was usually through observation from the coaching staff and notes made throughout the game. Prozone has proved extremely useful and is recognised by managers in football and rugby as an imperative part to their coaching process; testimonials have been given about Prozone and include those from Sam Alladyce and Jake White of South Africa’s rugby team:

  8th April 2008

Prozone offer 6 products for teams to use, these include:

  • Prozone 3 – This provides physical data on player movements and statistics on tactical elements of the game. It is used to reconstruct the game so that every movement, by every player can be seen and their contribution to the game can be measured and analysed. This will enable coaches to recognise areas which the team or individuals need to work on in order to improve. PZ3 consists of a team sheet which allows for the coach to see the starting line up, formations, any substitutions that were made, fouls and cards given and goal scored/assisted. With one click on a player or team they can bring up all the statistical data they want to look at in order for analysis. PZ3 is offers a built in report generator, which helps summarise and analyse the game reducing the time it takes for the coach etc. to do so. Prozone 3 also offers many areas of information including; zonal data – which indicates how much possession individual players, team or the opposition had of the ball and the individual passing movements used throughout the game. Along with this it also offers the ability to indicate where the ball was won and lost, where and when the ball changes possession and when the ball was in and out of play. PZ3 also focuses upon the goalkeeper and keeps a detailed account of their time during the game. Goalkeeper analysis allows information on saves, claiming of the ball, distributing the ball and where it went to be stored and seen as statistical information and displayed in diagrams. With such detailed analysis of a game, it is possible for coaches to determine areas of weakness of individual players, between players or the team as a whole. With this knowledge sessions can be tailored to the team’s needs which will hopefully make them more successful next time they play. Without software and computers this amount of information would not be possible, however it does bring about the debate on whether football is now just a business and not a game. This diagram shows a snapshot of PZ3 and the type of data it shows to a coach.   9th April 2008
  • Match Viewer – This piece of technology is the most advanced of its kind and allows for pos match and scouting analysis to take place from one single camera, e.g. TV or hand held camcorder. Match Viewer has the ability to extract tactical and statistical information e.g. passes and tackles made etc. so that comparisons can be made between individuals, units (midfielders, defenders, forwards) and the team as a whole. Match Viewer takes information from the camera and provides data in the form of pass maps, distribution tables, possession grids and the presents the opportunity to interact with the play at any time by highlighting certain plays or individuals. Match Viewer can be used on individuals and the team in order to determine areas of particular strength and weakness. This product can come in particularly handy for analysing the opposition as well, as it allows for coaches, managers and players to watch a team which they may be playing in their next fixture and determine what formation and tactics they should use. Match Viewer also provides a match sheet like PZ3, which allows for information on the players and teams to be accessed quickly. This diagram represent the total possession of the ball and when it was out of play, it shows it as a whole match and split into the first and second half. Such information can allow for coaches to determine where things may have gone wrong.   9th April 2008
  • Matchinsight – this product is only available for football at the moment however, Prozone are aiming to develop it for all sports. Matchinsight provides the opportunity to comprehensively analyse players and teams through one camera source and relay any information back in the form of statistical data or distribution maps. This is a relatively new product which is yet to be used more widely in the sporting world, however we do know that it provides world class levels of analysis.
  • Playback – Allows the user to code certain events in the game which they require to access easily. Therefore before a training session the coach could go through the previous game, highlight all the necessary areas required for the training session and present it to the team very easily. Playback also allows the user to draw on the screen, as shown in this picture, zoom in, slow the play down to slow motion and browse through play frame-by-frame. Playback provides a very deep visual analysis which can sometime be more beneficial than a coach just explaining what happened in the game and what needs to change.    9th April 2008
  • Trend – This combines both the PZ3 and Matchviewer in order to collect a lot of information on players and teams which can be built up over periods of time, e.g. 1 match, 2 matches to an entire season. It will store all statistical data an individual's and teams over the chosen period of time and any trends will be easily seen.   9th April 2008
  • PlayerScout – This provides an extremely detailed analysis of an individual player, which is given in paper form with a DVD of some key moments during the game. PlayerScout compares the individual against others at the club and league averages and also provides distribution table and maps.
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9th April 2008

From the information above you can see that Prozone's services and products are extremely valuable in today's sporting world. The level of analysis their products can go in to is extraordinary and allows coaches to plan and carry out more detailed and successful training sessions. Prozone allows players and teams to prepare better for matches and increase their peformance, however there are other technological developments which take a more active role during the game rather than before it.

   High speed cameras such as Hawkeye are not widely used within sport, most commonly in cricket ...

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