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Strengths and weaknesses in any aspect of fitness which is needed in rugby

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Strengths and weaknesses in any aspect of fitness which is needed in rugby I am going to examine this section of my performance in three main areas suppleness , strength and speed, I will highlight my strengths and weakness in these main areas. STAMINA- this is one of the most important aspects of fitness needed for rugby, it can be split into two different areas. ...read more.


Explosive strength - ability to exert a force in one very short but very fast movement. Dynamic strength - ability to apply a force repeatedly over a long time, linked to endurance. SUPPLENESS- the range of movement around a joint, the same as flexibility of mobility. Stamina is one of my major strengths; I have done a lot of training this season as well as hard pre season training. ...read more.


Static strength is important in scrumaging and mauling especially with lower body strength in the quadriceps and hamstring muscle groups. My static strength has increased through the season and now is at a reasonably high level. My main areas of weakness is explosive strength in the upper body, this is needed in loose play in rucks and mauls and is important for stealing turnover ball. This is an area I need to improve as my upper body area is not as strong as it needs to be. This also hinders me in lineout lifting which needs large amounts of explosive strength. ...read more.

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