Teamwork Assessment

To me, after a lot of group work I see that teamwork is a vital component of human nature. By participation in various activities I was able to identify elements that involve good teamwork, through the mistakes that we made during the exercises.

Good teamwork involves the awareness and consideration of all other group members. Everyone has a right to their opinion, which should be listened to and then in turn they should listen to everyone else’s views.

Group work is only successful if all members of the group give their all to the task at hand. Speaking out can become difficult if everyone talks at one time, consideration of others feelings in the group is very important. I am a confident speaker and during the exercises I expressed my views fully, although other members were shy and embarrassed to speak out; maybe they thought their views weren’t important.

Leadership often occurs in a group to me this is someone taking command and using their initiative. Other group members didn’t seem to appreciate this, but I feel that a good organised group needs a “head figure”, someone using their initative to guide the group and construct ideas into output for a realistic and achievable outcome. A lead figure must;

  • Listen to all others and not consider themselves to be more important and not suppress anyone else’s ideas.

From various exercises were we were split into individual groups, we needed to work together and help and listen to one another to succeed. We only realised this after a long period of debate etc... But we learned from this.

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Good teamwork involves commitment and persistence of the group. During “Broken Squares” I realised that the commitment of all members of the group was vital. In the individual group which I was assigned to, we got annoyed, frustrated and we quickly lost interest. Everyone needed to help one another otherwise it was impossible to complete this exercise. We finally got it completed through better organisation and communication. We came together looked at each others squares passed them around and got it complete even without talking. In this particular exercise the group needs to commit fully, and even though we got ...

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