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The Dream of Gold.

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The Dream of Gold As I dart through "the desert" in the last game of the day, with only a few balls left in my hopper, I can feel the air of crossfire speeding by my body. I dive to the ground, see my opponent and shoot, I cover him in paint, hes out of the game! Paintballing one of the more challenging, stratigic and fun games should definetly be adoped by the Olympics, and will be if people promote the sport. Although it would be an extremely hard process, competing for the glory of gold would be worth every little bit of effort. Paintballing is often reffered to a violent and just a game, but the right funding and if people are shown that all safety percautions have been taken then they would relise the seriousness of the sport and would adopt it to the Olympics. Adoption of paintball to the Olymipcs would mean more people are happy and proud of this sport. ...read more.


But, give us break; forget about all the shooting sports that are already in the Olympics, what about boxing, fencing, martial arts and any other combative sport I missed. Really, the only difference between us and them is that they all got organized, officially recognized and funded. People need to see that evrey safety step has been taken to ensure no one get hurt. There are areas called "safe areas" this is where your barrel plug must be kept in your barrel just incase a shot is fired the barrel plug will stop it. Also any time you step foot in the playing area you must put your goggles and face mask on to ensue you dont get popped in the face. The playing area is fenced off with thick meshing so no paint ball can be shot through in to the "safe area". Needless to say, we have a long way to go before people reolize that paintballing is safe and before it can be funded by the government. ...read more.


These are the things you need to remember if you want paintballing in the Olympics and help it grow around the world. Paintballing, undeniably one of the funner sportsis already getting the time and effort put into the hard process needed to be in the Olympics. Paintball is more safe than many sports already in the Olympics such as martial arts, boxing, fencing, ect. and it is only a matter of time befor people reolize that. finally remember to speak up if you see anyone without their goggles on in a game, or if you see a friend tell them to give paintballing a try. This sport definatly should be adopted by the Olympics and will be if people speak up because it is one of the most challenging, stratigic and fun sports being played around the world. As the game in "the desert" finishes, wrapping up a day of paintballing, I can't wait to get home and tell every on about my dream for gold and my hopes for someday that paintballing will someday be adopted by the Olympics. ...read more.

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