The purpose of my training programme is to provide a guideline for myself to follow when exercising my six week programme in my chosen sport football. As well as this it will also target my areas for improvement

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 Training Plan for football


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Purpose/Aim of training programme in relation to prior fitness, performance levels and any injuries/health problems:

  • The purpose of my training programme is to provide a guideline for myself to follow when exercising my six week programme in my chosen sport football. As well as this it will also target my areas for improvement (my weaknesses) whilst maintaining my current strengths. These will include both skill exercises (involving a football) and health related fitness exercises (e.g. anaerobic and aerobic training etc). It will ensure that I am training at various intensities and recreating a match like atmosphere for some situations. The programme is aimed at improving my knowledge of the game in terms of skill; it will open up my use of skills such as dribbling and accuracy of my shots, passes and crosses allowing me to perform consistently at a higher level of skill. In terms of fitness it will ensure that I am performing at a high intensity for a long period of time and preparing myself for the rest season allowing me to be at peak fitness for the season.

  • Within my programme I will be targeting several aspects of fitness that will help me improve in sport, these will be; aerobic fitness, anaerobic fitness, agility, muscular power, muscular endurance speed and skill related aspects of football as well. However although my programme will target these, my programme will specifically focus on two of the aspects above and then focus on specific areas within them. The two aspects I will be focussing on are my accuracy with the ball (my skill focus) and my all round endurance (both muscular and cardio-vascular wise). I have chosen these two aspects because I think that by improving these two areas the most will be more beneficial to me in the long run than if I were to improve on lots of aspects over the six weeks and only make small improvements in each area whereas I can make large improvements in two aspects that will aid me more in a game situation.

  • I will be focussing on my muscle endurance/stamina as in a game I will be required to perform at a high intensity for long duration (90mins). The benefit of improved stamina means that I will be able to push myself harder throughout a match and so be able to make more energetic back tracking runs and more consistent forward runs during the game without fatiguing. MY programme will target specific muscle groups in each weight session and be doing a lot of high weight low repetition work in order to build up the endurance to which my muscles can sustain the intensity needed. The programme will target on improving my stamina and will be focussing on a lot of cardio-vascular sessions such as Fartlek and continual training. This is so that I can be practiced at constantly being at work (training) under varied intensity as in some matches the game will be played at a slower or faster pace. The overall purpose of the programme (when focussed on this aspect) is to build up a gradual increase of intensity and duration to which I am training and by performing the bleep test at the end of each week I can measure my progress easily. The other reason for focussing on my stamina/endurance side of my sport is because from pre-test scores my endurance is one of the stronger aspects and so by training over the six weeks to improve it will give me a much greater advantage over an opponent as I will be at a much higher level than they are whereas should I have focussed on one of the lesser important aspects and improve that then it would take more for me to reach the higher level and continue improving and the aspect is one which does not need to be of a higher standard in order for me to improve my game.

  • I am choosing in my programme to focus on my accuracy as my main skill aspect as this will help my all round game, both attacking and defending (in terms of passing). The purpose of my programme will be to develop and improve not only my range of passing skills but also to focus on improving the degree of accuracy to which I deploy my shots, passes, crosses. In order to do this I will be doing a lot of target practice a work and so my programme will be aimed at increasing target distances as each session goes along this will also include a small amount of pressure training which will help me to deploy the ball under pressure as if in a match situation with an opponent closing me down. This focus will also include left and right footed work and will involve constantly aiming at one focus point and then crossing, shooting, passing to the target until consistently achieving my aim.
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  • The above are the main focus of the programme however below are sub aspects that will also be improved during the programme and are aloes necessary to my improvement of my game within football.

  • I am choosing to work on my anaerobic fitness because it will help me in match situations where I need quick bursts of explosive activity e.g. attacking the defending full back on the wing however the programme will co-ordinate this type of training with aerobic training as it requires a good foundation of aerobic fitness. The main focus of my anaerobic fitness will be ...

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