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To assess the level of cardio-respiratory fitness.

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Multi Stage Fitness Test Result: 11.7 / 23.0 Purpose: To assess the level of cardio-respiratory fitness. The bleep test is what I chose for my pre-test, as it's a maximal test, which means it tests your fitness to the limit. I will see how many levels I can complete and that will give me a rough idea of my fitness. The bleep test works by you having to run a distance of 20 m and keeping in time with the bleeps. ...read more.


David Beckham and Lance Armstrong are only a handful of athletes who can complete the test. I did the test because the bleep test is used to estimate your VO2 max. (Maximum oxygen intake). After I've completed my programme I will do the test again and see if I have improved. Factors affecting my performance I performed my test indoors so the conditions were relatively good the hall was of a mild temperature so I wasn't to hot which would have made me sweat and not perform as well and it wasn't to cold making my muscles tighten up. ...read more.


One variable that could have also affected my performance was that I was running without any one by me so I didn't have any one to compete with as such, this in my opinion would have probably spurred me on a extra level maybe to 12.0. Food Intake running up to the test Breakfast- porridge & orange juice Morning snack- Chocolate cookie Lunch- half a bottle of water I kept my food intake to a minimum as top nutritionists advise it. > It's advised you shouldn't eat from 2 hours before the test > You shouldn't consume alcohol or cigarettes before test. ...read more.

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