Training and fitness for sport - task 3

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Ryan McLaughlin

Unit 3: Training and Fitness for Sport: Task 3

Strengths and areas for improvement following completion of a selected six-week fitness training programme:

The selected individual I choose was an 18 year old male that has a BMI of 22.1 which is a normal weight for his height and age. He takes part in physical activity 3-4 times per week up to a maximum of 2 hours per session. This tells me that I can easily set him endurance training sessions that last over an hour or more.  

In the 6 week fitness training programme I gave Dean targets that I thought were very achievable. Such as I set dean a medium intensity training session on his first day which included a short run for 20 minutes then exercises that only required a general fitness that I knew dean had.

Making these exercises very achievable for dean who felt that the exercises were too easy. This tells me that there is area for improvement and that I need to set dean higher aerobic endurance goals.

So I took into consideration this and made week 2 for dean harder by increasing the intensity of the aerobic endurance exercises. For example on Wednesday I set dean a target to run hard for 1 minute, recover for 1 minute; and to continue this for 10 minutes. Dean told me that he met these targets but found it hard enough so I decided to not increase week 3’s aerobic endurance training sessions, as it would not be realistic and probably not achievable. By week 3 I had set dean even greater aerobic and muscular endurance targets by increasing the amount of reputations on each of his sets. These targets were met and dean said he found these targets easy to achieve as he had more energy that week to perform these exercises as he was off college that week.

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On week 4 I again increased the amount of reputations on each of dean’s sets on Monday. I only increased the amount of reputations for each exercise by 2. As I thought anymore would be overloading dean and might cause him injury. Also on Wednesday I increased dean’s aerobic session of running for 1 minute resting for 1 minute then running again for 1 minute for 12 minutes, unlike last week I made dean run for 10 minutes.  

During Friday and Sunday I increased dean’s medium and low intensity training sessions by making him exercise for 10 minutes more ...

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