Training Method Examples For Six Components Of Fitness In Football

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                                                     Training Method Examples

                                           For Six Components Of Fitness

                                                         In Football

Muscular Strength

The best way to train Muscular Strength would be to do a few sessions of weight training. Weight training can be done in a variety of ways. One way of doing weight training would be to find the maximum weight you can lift. This can be done by increasing the amount you lift up until you are unable to lift a weight. Once you have found the maximum weight you can lift, you should then attempt to lift this weight a numerous amount of times. This is more likely to help biceps, triceps, pectorals and the entire leg.

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Advantage of weight training: Quick and resourceful way of increasing your core muscular strength which can be done in a gym environment or at home.

Disadvantage of weight training: Can become very repetitive and can become hard to find interesting.

Body Composition

The best method to gain good body composition is to do a regular circuit training session. As good body composition is related to good overall body health it is important to train muscles all over the body. Therefore being the best to train all over is to do circuit training. Circuit training will have different stations where ...

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