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Training Method Examples For Six Components Of Fitness In Football

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Training Method Examples For Six Components Of Fitness In Football Muscular Strength The best way to train Muscular Strength would be to do a few sessions of weight training. Weight training can be done in a variety of ways. One way of doing weight training would be to find the maximum weight you can lift. This can be done by increasing the amount you lift up until you are unable to lift a weight. Once you have found the maximum weight you can lift, you should then attempt to lift this weight a numerous amount of times. This is more likely to help biceps, triceps, pectorals and the entire leg. Advantage of weight training: Quick and resourceful way of increasing your core muscular strength which can be done in a gym environment or at home. ...read more.


This will have a good affect towards achieving good body composition. Advantage of circuit training: Is very productive and could even help you achieve more than you desired. Disadvantage of circuit training: Can be hard to find enough equipment to be able to create a decent circuit. Muscular Endurance A successful way of improving Muscular Endurance would be to do continuous training. Continuous running will dramatically improve Muscular Endurance throughout the legs. Continuously running will help fibres in the leg grow and help them adapt to force pressuring on them. Thus making them stronger and more affective. Advantage of continuous training: Can be done easily. All it would take to do would be to go for a run in the street. Disadvantage of continuous training: Can become very repetitive, and does sometimes get boring. ...read more.


In this case a course is set out. This course will require you to run in and out of markers while still retaining full speed. Advantage of Fartlek training: Can be easily set up anywhere with anything. Disadvantage of Fartlek training: Can become tiring and may cause a high level of fatigue. Reaction Time Reaction time is probably the hardest component of fitness to create a training regime for. But one way to help improve reaction time is to do interval training. If you can continuously do Interval training it improves overall quickness. And as soon as overall quickness is raised so does the quickness of the mind. Which of course improves reaction time. Advantage of Interval training: Can be done anywhere and doesn't cost anything. Disadvantage of Interval Training: Can become boring. Can become hard to find interesting after a while. Michael Hart ...read more.

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