AP Government Review for Federalism

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  1. Block Grants – federal grant that could be used for a variety of purposes ususally with few accompanying restrictions
  2. Categorical grants – federal grant for a specific purpose often w/ accomplanying conditions and or requiring a local match
  3. Conditions of aid – federal rules that states must follow if they choose to receive the federal grants w/ which the rules are associated
  4. Cooperative Federalism –
  5. Devolution – an effort to shift responisbility for a wide range of domestic programs from Washington
  6. Dual Federalism – the doctrine that both states and natl’l govts. are supreme in their respective spheres 
  7. Gibbons v. Ogden –
  8. Grants in aid – federal funds provided to states and localities
  9. Initialtive – a procedure that allows voters to place legislative measures directly on the ballot by getting a specified propportion of voters signatures on the petition
  10. Mandates – federal rules that states must follow whether they receive federal grants or not
  11. McCulloch v. Maryland – Supreme Court decision embodying the principle of implied powers on the nat’l govt.
  12. Nullification – a doctrine espoused by Calhoun that states could hold certain nat’l policies invalid w/in their boundaries
  13. Referendum – procedure that enables voters to reject a measure adopted by a legislature
  14. Revenue Sharing – a federal grant that requires not matching funds and provides freedom in how to spend it
  15. Unfounded Mandates –
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  1. Create a timeline that highlights important events in the history of American Federalism. (Begin w/ McCulloch v. Maryland)

2) What is the difference btwn a federal grant and federal mandate?

        Federal Grant: money given to states, may or may not be conditions that go w/ it

        Federal Mandate: rules that go with money to states that they must follow in order

to receive the money

Theories of Democratic Government

  1. Authority – the right to exercise political power
  2. Legitimacy – the widely perception that something or someone should be obeyed ...

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