Arab-Israeli conflict

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Arab-Israeli Coursework Exercise 2005 Entry

Alex Norton 10BX

1.) Why are both Arabs ad Jews willing to take such extreme measures as those           described in the sources to further their causes?

The Arabs and the Israeli's both are resorting to this violence because of security. Security is the underlying point. If the Arabs do not feel secure or the Israeli's do not feel secure then peace will not be able to happen. The extremists, such as the Hamas group are resorting to this violence to exact revenge. The World News article called it, "A cycle of killing." When an Arab throws a stone, the Israeli's throw a bomb and then the Arab's throw two bombs and the cycle continues.

The dispute over land is another factor stimulating the violence. Since 1967, the Israeli's have occupied Gaza, the West Bank, Golan Heights and Sinai. Since 1967, the Arabs have been trying to get the mentioned territories back. As neither the Arab's or the Israeli's want to compromise, to them violence seems to be the only option. Therefore, when the use violence, to them it seems as though it is getting them somewhere.

Refugee camps also have a direct connection with violence. The problem that comes is when a terrorist group attacks a refugee camp. This then makes people in the camp angry and they want revenge. Therefore, the refugee camp becomes a breeding ground for new terrorists that want revenge. These people then cannot really be stopped as their mind is set on getting revenge. This escalates into a potential terrorist attack. The more people that feel like that, the more terrorist attacks and therefore the longer peace will take to come. The first article makes a very poignant point. It says, "This may not mean Hamas is suffering long term damage. Israeli attacks foments rather than weakens the competition among Palestinian youths to be a martyr before their friends." Having competition to be a suicide bomber before your friends’ means that there is no stopping these people and no stopping the terrorist bombings.

A final factor that impels the Arab's and the Israeli's to go to extreme measures is that they think that they are doing the right thing. If their parents have taken part in terrorist activity, then the child would think that it is a good idea. Moreover, if anybody thinks that they are doing the right thing there is no stopping them. Events such as those detailed in the sources and others such as the bombing of refugee camps recently and September 11th go to show that terrorists do not worry about what they are doing and how many people it will affect. All they worry about is trying to further their own causes.

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In brief, the Arabs and the Israeli's are willing to tale such measures such as aiming missiles at Hamas militants to get what they want. The peace talks always fail so to them violence seems to be the only option to get what they want.  

2) Although Egypt and Israel signed a peace treaty in 1978 and their have been further agreements such as the Oslo Accord in 1993 and more recently the Road Map, they have not led to general peace in the Middle East that was hoped for.

A.) Why did it seem ...

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