Are Civil Liberties and rights better Protected In the US or UK?

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Are Civil Liberties and rights better Protected In the US or UK   Jacob Murphy

\zCivil Rights and Liberties are a basic necessity of rules and rights that protect citizens and give freedom to promote such issues as right to a fair trial and basic rights as the right to life in which isn’t promoted in such countries as Saudi Arabia  and many authoritative  countries .There’s several ways in which citizens of rights are protected from country to country such as the Supreme Court , the constitution and the Judiciary .The USA is better protected as the constitution sets out rigid guidelines in which can be followed and enforced.

Judicial interpretation is the most important in protecting civil rights and liberties in which is influenced by the composition of the Supreme Court. This is crucial as land mark decisions can be influenced and sort out potential rulings in future cases. This is as in such landmark cases civil rights and liberties haven’t been protected or may not of been the decision

 Which would of best protected the citizen. This is as the supreme court in the USA is elected through executive bodies in which determine which candidates would be best due to political leaning with the same could be said with the appointments of judges by the JAC. This is shown with the supreme court Roe Vs Wade in which the jury didn’t rule in the intention of support for one political party instead of ruling for person directly due to the recent addition of many Democratic judges .The same is shown with the UK where civil rights and liberties where not protecting of Pinochet rights as the law lord that undertook the case was not independent as he was a chairman and a director of Amnesty International Charity Limited, a company with close links to the human rights organization Amnesty International. In which didn’t protect the civil rights and liberties due to the bias of the judge and judges supporting government rule. This is important as it shows that the defendant’s civil liberties and right weren’t properly protected due to the influences inserted by the government.

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Legislation and bills that are passed and laid down are important in protecting the civil rights and liberties of the citizens this includes such legislation including that which is written in the constitution in which legally bounds the USA. However the bills and legislation that is passed can sometimes hinder the protection of civil rights and Liberties this is shown in America with the implementation of the Patriot Act 2001 in which doesn’t protect the citizens civil rights and liberties this is the act allows the executive to look into crucial information and also deviate the constitution in the ...

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