C1 Analyse the factor, which contribute towards an effective team.

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C1 Analyse the factor, which contribute towards an effective team.

Business should work in teams. If they work in teams they can get more ideas shared. If work in teams they can distribute work between themselves. Members can motivate each other’s in doing their work.

The effective the team is the successful it can be. The following factors have many benefits that a business must be aware of before the team can be effective:

Interaction of the team- the advantages of good interaction is that members will work together as a team. This means that members will know what to do in the business and run it efficiently.  

  • Communication within the team- once the group knows what they are doing; communication between them will be frequent. The advantages of communication are members will know what they are doing. They will know exactly what is going on and ask for any problem that occurs. Communication makes the business run more efficiently and talks about problems.

The disadvantages of communication are employees won’t know what they are doing. They won’t be motivated as others.

In relation to our business we didn’t have good communication in the team. Most of the members weren’t motivated and didn’t know what they were doing. An example was when we had meetings to discuss about the business. There was communication as the members opted the problems that occurred in our business. Our business was lacking communication, as there wasn’t much work to do. Some of the members didn’t know their roles and responsibilities. Lacking of communication meant that fewer members knew that we were in loss. The market researchers didn’t find out that our posters were taken out. Our business had competitors, which fewer knew and didn’t tell the team leaders.

  • Have the responsibility to meet targets- everyone is given responsibility to do his or her jobs.  They are given deadlines to meet the targets. If they don’t meet their targets then the business fails.

The advantages of responsibilities are that if members are given more responsibility they feel they are more involved in the business. The manager might not give more work to do.

The disadvantages of responsibilities are that if they don’t do their work they may let their business down. They will also not achieve their objectives.

In relation to our business most of the members didn’t have much responsibility, but they sold some tickets. The leaders carried their work responsibly. Some of the members didn’t take the responsibility of selling the tickets and not meeting the targets properly. If we did our jobs as told we would have met our targets. As communication was lacking and members were demotivated no one was taking responsible for any problems occurring. The problems were we had competitors and the team leaders didn’t take any action. Some one took the posters out and no one took any actions.

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  • Group dynamics- this gives the ability to move job roles to a flexible ones.

The advantage of group dynamics is that members get to taste other job roles and experience their skills. It gives them experience about other departments, which they never experience.

The disadvantages of group dynamics is that if employees swap their job roles and are not motivated in doing the work they can let them down. They may also not like the roles and finding it difficult.

In relation to our business is that we experienced sales job roles as all of the ...

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