Consider the importance of invisible primaries in US Presidential elections.

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Neema Daniel 13AXS Consider the importance of invisible primaries (10 marks) Invisible primaries are the period between the candidate declaring an intention to run for the presidency and the first contests of the primary season. This period is called ‘invisible’ because there is very little to see and it has no formal status. This event, part of the presidential election system, would never occur in the UK because the prime minister (the equivalent of the President) is selected by members of their own party rather than by ordinary voters. This process features candidates for each party ‘testing the waters’ for a position by visiting key states and through media exposure. Two party invisible primaries occur
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simultaneously when the office of presidency is vacant. Sometimes during incumbency a same party member will challenge their office but rarely is this frequent. Consider the invisible primaries of 2011 which were solely Republican.   For the candidates IP’s are an opportunity for them to gain a national name and recognition, especially if they have not done so before. Candidates may express themselves through speeches, debates and book publishing’s like ‘No apology’ by Mitt Romney. And the media play a role to ensure that the candidates profile is raised through in-depth interviews such as the ‘face of the nation’ broadcasted by ...

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