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Dear Elizabeth Dombeck,

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Dear Elizabeth Dombeck, Someone wiser than me once said that "the surest sign of old age is loneliness". Though I don't know his name, I can give you mine before I echo his sentiments and urge you to act upon them. My name is Serena Raheja and as Previous Secretary/Current Treasurer of my Key Club, I recently attended the II District Convention. In doing so, I realized what an impact we, as Key Club members, can make. I feel that we, as Key Club International, should focus our efforts in the coming year upon forging an impact upon the senior citizen community. ...read more.


"Men and women approaching retirement age should be recycled for public service work, and their companies should foot the bill. We can no longer afford to scrap-pile people." (Maggie Kuhn). Senior Citizens are our most valuable natural resource. In them we find a veritable mine of information as well as a vital link to the past. And not only are they valuable in what they can offer in terms of experience, they are irreplaceable in that they are easily put to work for us. ...read more.


By involving the elderly in Key Club projects, not only will we be combating isolation, we will be helping kids to realize how much the elderly have to offer to them. This is why, I am suggesting that you make this upcoming year's Governor's Project: Renewing our Elderly Resources. Because this is a broad project heading, clubs will have no problem finding projects that qualify. As a single person I may have an impact upon a single senior, but as Key Club International thousands of members strong, we can strive to change the way senior citizens live worldwide. I am urging you to take what I have said into consideration. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Serena Raheja ...read more.

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