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A European Army: Enhancing European Union’s Political Power

European Union, which was a dream in most people’s minds in 1950’s, now stands as a solid, resolute and effective power in front of the whole world.  It serves as an umbrella for all of its 25 members, providing them with the optimal environment for development and reunification. Europe reunited means a stronger, democratic and more stable continent which is to compete with United States for being the world’s strongest power. Still, people agree on the fact that there are new steps waiting to be taken in order to strengthen European Union’s position in world politics. ‘Nothing is finished’ said one of the members of the European elite when he was asked what he was thinking about EU’s development. Even it is agreed all over the world that European Union is an invincible economic power, people have doubts about its effectiveness as a political union. World was not satisfied with EU’s involvement in America’s unilateral invasion in Iraq. It is known that European Union doesn’t have an efficient military power to react rapidly against events threatening the security of the European continent and the world. In order to advance in the way going to being a thorough union, a strong and economical power and a unified voice, European Union needs a common army trained to react rapidly and effectively against any threats.

European Union needs to speak with one voice in order to have an important role in determining how to solve problems concerning the whole world. It is impossible to talk about a union when its members are unable to make decisions in unison. Its inability to have a common attitude towards things happening outside the union became evident when different voices were heard within the union about America’s unilateral invasion in Iraq. As members took their places at opposite sides, the question of establishing a common foreign and security policy was raised again. It is unfortunate that most people are unable to see the fact that decisions are of no importance as long as you don’t have a power to enforce them. The power to implement the common decision of European Union must be a common army which consists of soldiers from all member states.

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It is an undeniable fact that European Union is dependant on America’s military forces. During the Cold War, Western Europe had been willing to live under the umbrella of the United States against the threat of the Soviet Union. The US and Western Europe formed the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in 1949 to provide the security apparatus ready to defend mainland Europe against a possible Soviet invasion. During the First and Second World Wars, the US's assistance was vital. The USSR possessed more troops than the whole of Western Europe, so US had to intervene to provide some ...

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