EU enlargement essay.

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EU enlargement essay

If the EU enlarges it will definitely have a large impact on the UK.  If new members join, the whole EU will need to be revaluated, the income and spending of the EU budget will change significantly as new POORER countries enter.  As the poorer countries enter the EU, this will mean the UK will have to be re-valued in terms of EU spending and payment to and from the UK, the UK will most likely to receive less as poorer countries enter.

The CAP will therefore need to be revaluated, the money will need to be evenly spread on all the countries, the poorer ones would most likely receive more as they are least developed.  However, I think that this will be too costly for the EU to afford, and would be worse off if they gave all the money to the new countries, so they will probably give a smaller amount compared to the current members.  But from the UK’s point of view, if the CAP is re-valued the UK will be worse off, as it is a net-giver, which means it gives more to the EU than it receives – it will probably be given less by the EU budget.  This would alter the UK policy; the UK as well as the EU would need to rearrange their spending patterns, which may result in a cut in spending – due to excess EU requirements for new members.  This will probably mean that the UK will lose its £2billion rebate that it receives off the EU every year.  

If Poland and the rest of the members join the EU, stats from the sources show that they will add 29% population, 54% land mass but only 5% total to EU income, which would mean a considerable loss in purchasing power.  Other factors affecting the UK are that UK ‘development’ areas will receive relatively no income as the new EU members will require more ‘upgrading’ compared to the UK areas.  The CAP will need to be rethought of very thoroughly – it will be tested to extreme lengths with the new members entering the EU.  

The current agricultural sector in the EU is only 4%, however the average for the new members is 20%, which shows (from the source) that they are relatively poorer compared to the current countries.  

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Poland is the most extreme country that will join the EU, it has the largest land mass of over 120 000 square miles (1/10 the total size of the EU) with a population of 38.6 million (1/10 the total of EU population), which is quite large compared to the other countries.  This is irrelevant considering the very small GDP per head of £1500 (EU average £13,500), which would mean that there would be a very small amount of income to the EU budget, a huge net-gainer to the EU.  This is relatively a less economically developed country compared to the ...

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