Explain the problems that the Coalition Government has faced since 2010

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Explain the problems that the Coalition Government has faced since 2010. [16]

After the 2010 Westminster Election resulted in a hung parliament, the Conservative Party entered a coalition government with the Liberal Democrats. The Conservatives won 307 seats and were 19 short of a majority, and the 57 Lib Dem seats would be enough to ‘carry the government’ into a majority.

The Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government provides ample evidence of the problems such a government may face. At the formation stage there is the issue of marrying policies that may be very different and the question of the allocation of ministerial posts. Many have considered that the Lib Dem’s biggest mistake was insisting on having a Minister in every department in government. They wanted to demonstrate to the public their ability to govern. However, it also reduced their ability to remain aloof from major controversial policy areas and seemed a tactical error. Coalitions also face the issue of possible policy differences that might arise in response to developments or crises.

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The Lib Dem have seemingly committed political suicide by entering into coalition with the Conservatives. Many in the party felt betrayed and so did voters. A major problem was tuition fees. It had to help deal with the worst financial crisis in generations. As part of this it had to raise tuition fees (against their election manifesto). They also helped draft austerity measures and welfare reform, leading many to argue that they sacrificed their own party identity by going into coalition.

There are still ‘agreements to differ’ between coalition partners, but they do not apply to specific cabinet decisions. For ...

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