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Explain the problems that the DUP face in Northern Ireland.

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Transfer-Encoding: chunked ´╗┐Explain the problems that the DUP face It could be argued that the rise of the TUV has inadvertently helped the UUP because they are taking votes from the DUP. This has lessened the DUP?s dominance of unionism. It was formed by Jim Allister - an ex DUP MEP. Allister has formed the party to oppose Unionist compromises since the GFA. His party has had wide media coverage and has threatened to shred the unionist vote even further - challenging the DUP in its heartlands. In reality however the TUV has in fact polled badly in the recent 2011 Assembly election and many considered it a spent force. ...read more.


Peter Robinson was also deeply and dangerously entwined in serious anti Islamic comments in support of a North Belfast pastor when leader of the party and First Minister. Peter Robinson has also been accused of financial wrong doing regarding the NAMA loans. Critics accused him of helping work a property deal with the Republic’s bad loan agency, selling a £1 billion property portfolio to an American company and netting a few million pounds in the process. Robinson has strenuously denied this. It may have been the last straw in his decision to leave however. In the end Robinson stepped down due to these scandals and personal health issues. ...read more.


In the end the DUP almost jumped at the decision to get back into government based on a very flimsy report that the IRA leadership did indeed still exist. Finally, there is a key danger for the DUP that the longer they are in power the more apathetic Unionist voters will become. The fact they have become part of the political elite challenges their past strengths in ways. They were formed as a party of opposition and may have assumed the mantle of power a little too easily. The young in particular may be disengaged from the party?s politics. Voter turnout in some constituencies is below 20% in key demographics. 43% of all voters did not vote in the last Assembly election. Polls indicate widespread public disaffection with the Executive and the Assembly. ...read more.

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