"Explain the rise of Social Movements" & "What are the differences between Direct and representative democracy?"

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Explain and identify two factors that might explain the rise of social movement in recent years

Pressure groups have grown significantly due to social media. By using a worldwide, easily accessible medium to spread awareness allows for more people to be aware of particular issues. UK Uncut didn’t need membership for subscriptions to organise an event in London. The use pf social media allowed them to distribute information for anyone in any area to see and join in with which is how they had such a wide turnout at the demonstration. Similarly, Amnesty International is a pressure group which raises the awareness of crimes against human rights internationally. They use social media such as “twitter” and “facebook” to share their information. They are not asking for demonstrations or money but can still use social media to share their issues to everyone on social media.

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Britain has become a multicultural, diverse society as a result of immigration. Due to this, some areas with high immigration feel as if this threatens them in a way they are unhappy with. Pressure groups campaign for less immigration such as the English Defence League. Alternatively, the immigrants may also feel threatened and they might also feel underrepresented in their new area and homes. They would campaign for their own interest. An example of this is the pressure group Muslim Council of Britain. The two ways immigration affects communities would see a rise in pressure groups to get a change ...

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