Explain what limits there are to the Prime Ministers control over the Cabinet.

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Explain what limits there are to the Prime Minister’s control over the Cabinet. [16]

The Cabinet is one of the key parts of the British Constitution. It is simply a collection of Ministers (usually 20 -25) appointed by the Prime Minister, currently David Cameron, to form the Government. Each Minister is in charge of a Government Department.  They will be held accountable for the performance of that Department when they are in charge. The Prime Minister is described in some constitutional sources as PRIMUS INTER PARES or FIRST AMONG EQUALS. This suggests that the Prime Minister is only as powerful as their Cabinet colleagues. In reality the Prime Minister can dominate the Cabinet proceedings by the tools at their disposal. However, while, there is no doubt Prime Ministerial power is usually dominant the Cabinet can prove very strong too and, given the right circumstances, can bring down even the most powerful Prime Minister. In examining the limits to the PM’s power, a good place to start is their limitations when selecting the Cabinet.

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Prime Ministers do not have a free hand in choosing the members of their Cabinet as a variety of considerations need to be taken into account in appointing Ministers. Choosing those who will make up the cabinet is considered to be one of the most important powers of the Prime Minister. However, the PM does not have a totally free hand in this matter. Labour PMs face formal limitations but all PMs must be careful to include all ideological wings of the party in making up their cabinet. It is also expedient to include the party’s “big beasts” as leaving ...

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