General Election Process In The Uk

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General Election

In the UK we are lucky to have what is called a democracy. This is when we allow people to give their opinion in the form of voting. This lets the people of the UK have a say in how the country is run - after all they do live there.

General Elections give the people who vote a chance to vote for a new representative for their area. The country is divided into areas called constituencies and the person who wins the vote in his or her constituency will become a member of parliament or MP. Here are the phases of how the General Election works.

Dissolvement of parliament

The current prime minister makes the formal announcement that soon it will be time to vote for a new party. He asks the Queen to dissolve (suspend) parliament and sets the date for the Election Day. Six days later parliament is dissolved. This mean all the current MP’s that won last time lose their jobs and have to campaign to get reelected. They do this as keeping things the same isn’t a good thing. Refreshing the government means new ideas which makes people happy. We do this so that there is change, it wouldnt be good if we never brought new ideas to the table.

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How to be eligible to create a party

Anyone can start a party and run to be elected but there are some things you need to make sure apply to you. You have to pay a £500 deposit in order to prove that you are serious about wanting to try and apply for this. You also must be 21 or over. You must not be declared bankrupt. This is so we know you are mature and serious enough to do this. It filters out the people who want to joke around and the people who want to change the ...

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