How effectively do MPs perform their representative function?

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How effectively do MPs perform their representative function?

The representative function is the third most important function in the role of an MP. A representative or also known as an agent does what is in your best interest and does what is in the best for the public, where on the other hand in comparison to an agent is a delegate which only does what he is told to do but nothing further whether it is in the good or bad interest for the people a delegate would not argue against it he will just do what he is told to do e.g. The capital punishment matter of life and death whether there should be a death penalty or not where the agent and delegate had opposing views. A representative is a sociological MP as he has to represent more than just the constituency, but he also has to represent his party and the voting wishes of the people.

        Greater sophistication of the electorate and its increasing volatility as the MPs no longer go for brand loyalty and the electorate makes a choice on a number of factors e.g. leadership, presentation etc.  

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        The sociological reason of the representative function of a MP is that there are more male MPs than female therefore certain issues are dealt with in a masculine way, which also may put many women off politics as women aren’t treated as women according to some people e.g. in 1966 there were 96% male MPs in parliament and since then there has been a slow decrease in the percentage where in 2001 82% were male which shows/proves that there tend to be more male MPs than female. The other reason is that most of the MPs are middle-class where on ...

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