How important was the Holocaust in the establishment of an independent state of Israel?

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How important was the Holocaust in the establishment of an independent state of Israel?

    During the nineteenth century there was the demand for Jewish people to have a country of their own. This was influenced by the growth of nationalism. By the 1920s many Jewish people started to immigrate to Palestine. The number of people emigrating had increased by 1935 due to the Nazi government in Germany. The Holocaust was one of the factors that led to the state of Israel.


Nationalism was based on the idea that a people who speak the same language, share the same culture, and are from the same ethnic group ought to have their own state. Some nations like French or Spanish had their own states, while others like Germans only managed to get theirs after many years of struggle.

In 1884 a key figure who believed Jewish people should have their own country was Theodore Herzl. His ideas were based on the fact that Jewish people had their own language and their own culture, but had no homeland. He was a journalist for a newspaper in Vienna, where he was send to Paris to cover one of the most famous law cases, the trial of the Jewish army Captain Albert Dreyfus. He was accused of spying, although the evidence against him was faked, he was found guilty because he was Jewish.

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Herzl was appalled by the violent Anti-Semitism he saw in France. It was this that gave him the idea that Jews ought to have a state of their own, and two years later he produced a pamphlet, Judenstaat (Jewish State) arguing this. Within a year Herzl held a major congress in Basel to discuss the idea of setting up a Jewish state. He called this new Jewish nationalist movement Zionism.

 In the years of World War One, the British’s made three agreements. First agreement was called Mac Mahon agreement between Britain and the Arabs. It was said that ...

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