Manchester United - Brief History

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Manchester United

Brief History

Flair, Passion and class is often associated with Manchester United. It’s hard to believe that Man Utd started out as Newton Heath in 1880.

Newton Heath was a local football team of carriage and wagon workers from Lancashire and Yorkshire. 

Things were looking bad for Newton Heath on and off the field, and in early 1902 they were £2,270 in debt. The first financial crisis hit the club. It proved to be the end of Newton Heath, and the birth of Manchester United

Here are some key events in Manchester United’s history:

Munich Air disaster

This was the most tragic and saddest event in United’s history.  The day following the team's triumph in Belgrade - February 6th 1958 - United's plane stopped to refuel in Munich. The weather was harsh, with sub-freezing temperatures and an icy runway. Two attempts were made to take off with little success. A third, and final, attempt was made. The aircraft rose, only to fall again, crashing and bursting into a ball of flames. 23 people in total died and many lay injured in hospital. It was the worst accident in football history, the darkest day in United's history, and a premature end to potentially the greatest team in British, if not world football at that time. 

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          The news stunned not only the people of Manchester, but the entire country and beyond.   

European cup (1968)

Ten years after the Munich air disaster Manchester United were in the European Cup final.

The final took place at Wembley and Manchester United were playing Benfica.

United took the lead with a goal from captain Bobby Charlton, only for the Portuguese champions to hit back. Extra-time was required. United again took the initiative. Best scored their second, followed by a third from birthday boy Brian Kidd, just 18 and in the team as a replacement for broken leg ...

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