Political parties and Ideas - Thatcherism

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Political Parties and Ideas - Questions

1) Using an example, define consensus politics.

Consensus politics is when there is an overlap of ideological positions between two or more political parties. This is typically shown through two parties having an agreement about their fundamental policy goals, such as all main political parties in the UK currently wanting to reduce the deficit. However, this agreement on the fundamentals of politics still permits disagreement on matters of detail or emphasis. This can be illustrated through the differing ways, or the speeds of which each political party wishes to reduce the deficit. The current co-alition formed between the conservative and Liberal Government parties in 2010 also illustrates how there can be consensus politics present along side disagreements on detail and emphasis of certain policies. Another example of consensus political is how each political party in the UK currently agrees on anti-terrorism. In this case, there is no disagreement on matters of detail or emphasis, it is an absolute consensus. Historically, there have also been examples of consensus politics, such as the post-war consensus between the Labour and Conservative parties over welfare and benefits.

2) Explain the ideas and policies that link the modern labour party to socialism?

A faction is a sub section of a party who have a specific set of ideas on how the specific party should lead itself. In the modern day conservative party there are 2 main factions, the one nation Tories and the new right conservatives.  One nation Tories, originating from when Benjamin Disraeli was the head of the party, was first thought of to appeal to the working class vote; not the typical voters of the conservative party. One nation Tories take a pragmatic approach to politics as a whole and accept the need for flexible policies and understand that compromises must be made if a ‘one nation’ is to be achieved, as idealised by one nation Tories. New right conservatives believe in a less flexible type of politics and are often seen as a more liberal version of typical far right wing ideologies. New right conservatism in the UK was founded particularly by Margaret thatcher during her leadership. Key views of the new right are; the dismantling of the welfare state, privatisation of nationalised industries and the deregulations of business to create a freer market.

Define what is meant by the term Thatcherism.

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Thatcherism is seen as a more liberal conservatism. Thatcher was a very powerful prime minister and therefore has now a form of governmental ideologies set around her views and practices.

Even in being a more liberal form of conservatism, Thatcher adopted a ‘lead from the front attitude’ expecting her MP’s to back her. Thatcherism needs a strong leader, who has a very strong attitude to implement their views.  Thatcher’s followers were expected to agree with her, even her strategic placement of one nation Tories in important seats meant that she still had support from those who originally didn’t support her ...

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