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AS and A Level: Political Philosophy

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  1. How have conservatives justified private property?

    Those who possess and enjoy their own property are more likely to respect the property of others. They will also be aware that property must be safeguarded from disorder and lawlessness. Property owners therefore have a ?stake? in society: they have an interest in particular, in maintaining law and order. In this sense, property ownership can promote what can be thought of as the conservative values of respect for law, authority and social order.

    • Word count: 361
  2. Is humanitarian intervention justifiable?

    As a result there seems to be a necessity for able countries to intervene, able in reference to resources and money and therefore humanitarian intervention can be viewed to be justifiable However, this can be argued against by the possibility of countries intervening for themselves and to pursue their own national interests rather than the country which they are supposedly offering help to. There is an argument that states that countries wouldn?t deploy a great amount of soldiers overseas if there wasn?t a possibility or even a certainty of personal gain and also it is argued that on the subject

    • Word count: 1232
  3. Liberalism remains hugely influential in British Politics, moulding the value systems and policies of all the mainstream political parties. Discuss.

    of their citizens and would feel that they need to impose policies, such as their policy on housing set out in their 2010 manifesto ‘No stamp duty for first-time buyers on all house purchases below £250,000 for two years, paid for by a five per cent rate on homes worth more than £1 million.’ This policy shows a socialist side to New Labour, highlighting a ‘from each according to his ability, to each according to his need’ ideology within Labour politics.

    • Word count: 911
  4. Singapores founding fathers contributed most to its economy. Do you agree? Explain your argument.

    The government could spend less money on aiding at the poor. Also, due to the low cost of workers, there was an influx of foreign companies and investments into Jurong as Industrialisation had provided a platform for investments and cheap labour force were available. The investments gave raise to Singapore?s economy and further solve the unemployment problem since more jobs opportunities were created. Lastly, Singaporeans could directly purchase products manufactured in Jurong, which was cheaper than those imported in most cases.

    • Word count: 1235

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