Separation Of Powers and UK Government.

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Separation of powers is where a government is divided up into three different categories or branches, each branch has its own responsibilities and powers, no one branch is more powerful than the other, and these branches are the Legislature, Executive and the judiciary. Separation of powers is not when one, has all these branches merged or overlapping each other. An example of a country with separation of powers would be, the USA whereas, an example of a country without separation of powers would be, of the UK. Within the UK political system the Legislature would be Parliament, the Executive would be those in the cabinet and the Judiciary being the Judges and Courts. In separation of powers each branch has responsibility to keep the other branches in check and if this is not the case or it is not being practiced then according to Montesquieu, it would bring tyranny.

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The extract argues that the UK needs separation of powers as it would determine the elimination of one or more bodies from becoming too powerful. This would thus help to prevent or even hinder executive dominance in government matters. By having Separation of powers the UK would less like to have an elective dictatorship. It would prevent people like Margret Thatcher and Tony Blair from becoming too powerful. For example under Blair’s regime the legislature only blocked one legislation in an incredible 10 years; this shows that without the separation powers the UK political system can easily have an ...

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