Should Political parties be abolished?

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Should Political Parties Be Abolished?

Over the past few years there has been lots of debate on this matter, and lots of different opinions have been pushed forward. Some people feel that with the amount of pressure groups people have these days that political groups are obsolete and there is no need for them, other people feel that all political parties are the same so why do we need them. The solutions these people suggest are having individuals run for parliament and completely abolish political parties.

Other people feel that we need political parties for the choices in policies and to help keep the politicians under control with the party guidelines. They would say that parties help to distinguish between what certain mps believe and that it helps make the electoral process easier for the public as you know what you’re voting for when you vote for a party. From their point of view individuals running parliament would be a slow process and nothing would ever get done as there would be too many differences in opinions.                                                                                                                                                          

Then there is the more recent idea of having the political parties but also having some individual MP’s so that no party can have monopulous power.  This would mean that the parties could still exist with their differences in policies but also the individual MPs would add different opinions into the debates giving a more well rounded outcome to each one.  All three sides hold captivating arguments. This in this day and age could potentially become more attractive to certain people.                        

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Personally I feel that the more recent argument is the most attractive due to the fact I currently dislike the three main parties, and the thought of one of them having monopulous power is a difficult concept to grasp. The reason I have chosen this as my choice is because I both agree with the discussion topic and disagree.

I feel that political parties should be abolished for many reasons. Firstly the main one being that these days all the parties are the same and that they no longer have individual audiences as they are all trying to captivate ...

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