The Jewish State     

In 1896 a Jewish man by the name of Theodor Herzl published a book called the “The Jewish State”. This book became highly regarded by the Jews.  The historical events that surround this book have greatly contributed to the publication of “The Jewish State”.  At a young age, Herzl has already experienced some form of anti-Semitism, but it has never been to the extreme level.  During his trip to Paris in 1894, Herzl witnesses the unjust trial of Captain Alfred Dreyfus, A Jewish man in the French army who was accused of Spying for the Germans and sent to an island to exile.  This was “mainly because of the prevailing anti – Semitic atmosphere.” (Bard, 2005).  At the same time both in France and other parts of the world, Jews were being confined to living in the Ghettos and were unequally treated. During Herzl time in France “he witnesses mobs shouting death to the Jews.” (Bard, 2005). Countries everywhere were starting to refuse service to the Jews and people refused to buy from Jewish merchants, simply because they were Jewish.  Although France was the first country to receive a constitution and the declaration of man, this guaranteed the Jews “their equality before the law, granted by statute, has become practically a dead letter. They are debarred from filling even moderately high positions, either in the army, or in any public or private capacity. And attempts are made to thrust them out of business also: "Don't buy from Jews!" (D'Avigdor,1988).  These events are the underlying causes of publication of the Jewish State.

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Theodor Herzl is considered to be the father of what is known to be Zion or the Zionist Movement. He was born in 1860 in Budapest and was raised as a Jewish - German in Germany.  In 1878 his family moved to Vienna where Herzl experienced anti-Semitism.   Herzl graduated from University in Vienna in 1884 with a doctorate in law.  He became a writer, playwright and a journalist.  He worked for couple of years in Germany and during the same time married and had three children.  After the downfall of his marriage, he went into the world searching for ...

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