The UK would benefit greatly from the wider use of referendums Discuss (30 marks)

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The UK would benefit greatly from the wider use of referendums’ Discuss (30 marks)

        A referendum is a vote on a particular issue, usually requiring a yes or no response. However there are multiple choice referendums.

        A referendum is example of direct democracy within a representative system, it shows a healthy democracy. It also increases political participation. Some people just don’t identify with any particular party, and therefore choose to not vote in General elections. That doesn’t necessarily mean that these people aren’t interested in politics, they can participate in politics in other ways for example by joining a pressure group or voting in a referendum. A referendum only relates to one particular issue and there’s a simple answering system, you don’t have to think about party leaders, joining memberships and which one of the many parties is best for you. Also with general elections, they only occur every 5 years, the public deserve a chance to voice their opinions between then.

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        Referendums provide a clear answer to the question that the government is asking, the issues tend to be controversial. For example abortion, a party would be divided and be unable to choose one side over another. By having a referendum the government gets to know what the public wants. For example if a party was in power, and they only had 65% of the total results, 35% of the public won’t agree with their opinions. That 35% can get a say even if its different to the one that the party in power has. Everyone gets the chance to vote. ...

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