To what extent are the Conservatives committed to their traditional principles?

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To what extent are the Conservatives committed to their traditional principles?

The Conservative party has drastically changed since 1979 – first with the extreme right Thatcher, then with the more centralised current party under Cameron. Although the current party can be seen as retaining the traditional principles (for example, Euro-scepticism), they have moved away from their origin in other cases, such as in taxes and education.

One way the party has retained its original principles is through Euro-scepticism. This is definitely a traditional value – Thatcher was constantly having tussles with the EU  (the most significant of these being the threat to withhold VAT payments).

Cameron has been very critical of the EU Parliament in the past, saying it is ‘indecisive’ and there is a sense of a ‘European Dictatorship’. The Conservatives haven’t been entirely clear on their stance of leaving or remaining in the EU, either, and have instead put the issue on hold until they are re-elected. Cameron also recently (2011) vetoed an EU-wide treaty concerning the euro-crisis, which goes further to show the Conservatives reluctance to cooperate with the EU, even though they are in a coalition with the Lib Dems, which should dilute the government’s overall stance.

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Overall, it is clear that the current Conservatives have stayed committed to this principle, and they seem to want to stick to it in the years to come.

The Conservatives have not remained faithful to their traditional values regarding taxation. Traditionally, the Conservatives favour lower taxes, as it supports the idea of retaining personal property and wealth, but a new scheme introduced by the government promises to crack down on offshore bank accounts and make it harder to avoid paying taxes.

However, another scheme introduced by the coalition allows those under the £10,000 P/A bracket not to pay tax, ...

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