What Factors Enabled Mussolini to come to Power in 1922

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What Factors enabled Mussolini to come to power in 1922        Adam Harris

What Factors Enabled Mussolini to come to Power in 1922

In the early 1920’s Benito Mussolini, leader of the Fascist Party, became prime minister of Italy, even though just 1 year previously in a democratic election, the party only got 7% of the votes. I am going to try to explain why the leader of the relatively unpopular Fascist Party became leader of Italy.

Italy had joined the Great War of 1914-18 on the ‘Allied’ side, under the belief that if the allies one, then Italy would gain territory along the Balkan coast and a small part of what was the Austro-Hungarian Empire. However when the war was over Italy were given a fraction of what they had been promised. This infuriated the Italians who had lost hundreds-of-thousands Italian men and had had their economy plummet to an awful state. Italy felt that the liberal government had failed, and many Italians felt that democracy would not work. This sparked up the growth of Nationalist ideals such as Socialism and Fascism.

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The middle classes of Italy were concerned by the sudden popularity of Socialism among the lower classes, as they campaigned for workers rights and removal of businesses from owners. This would mean that the owners would lose lots of money. However the Fascist party were a forceful party more concerned with Italy and the destruction of Socialism. This appealed to them. The leader of the Fascist party was a man named Benito Mussolini.

Mussolini was born in 1883 in central Italy. By the turn of the century he was a radical Socialist and became a journalist. In 1912 ...

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