What is politics & why is power difficult to define

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What is politics & why is power difficult to define

Since man began to talk politics was born, politics is the social study and interaction with another being.

Politics is the process and method of gaining or maintaining support for public or common action. Although it is generally applied to governments, politics is also observed in all human group interactions including corporate, academic, and religious. It is also social relations involving authority and power, the study of government and other political units,

It is also the study of conflict resolution, in the modern world, people argue over many beliefs, interests and values, the aim of politics is to remove this conflict to produce a general agreement over what people want and what believe is right. So the study of conflict resolution is coming to a compromise so both groups are pleased in one way or another. But this compromise can be achieved in any way, politics can be the art of the possible, it can be about deception, you can define it in many ways because its such a wide spread thing, just about every social interaction uses politics, from two children arguing over a toy, to two world powers arguing over a border dispute, both of those examples are the same, they both involve a conflict, but what makes them different is the consequences and of course, the first example is just two children, and the second, two nations.

Those hypothetical situations involve politics because, the two children have to interact to gain something out of it, they have to protect their interests, in this situation both children have the interest to play with the toy, but they both cannot have it at once because of the lack of recourse for this instance is the toy, so they will have to resolve this conflict, if they both wish to play with the toy.
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Unlike the children, the two nations are conflicting over the borders of their countries, if one way to resolve this conflict was to rewrite the map so their borders don't conflict, that would solve the problem, but what about the gap that is now left, this involves moral values, because what happens if people lived there, they now aren't under the guidance of the state, they become refugees, this conflicts with the two nations values, and moral beliefs, who should now take in the refugees? Should they be split?.

Political activity can spring from a set of ...

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