Why the U.S. Constitution is Unique

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Julia Gaan

Dr. Sell

Political Science 120

July 1, 2002

Why the U.S. Constitution is Unique

The Constitution is made up of four main elements: Federalism, separation of powers, checks and balances, and The Bill of Rights, these elements make for the strengths of the Constitution that has allowed it to last over 200 years. To sit and read through all of the information and history that this one small document has makes it unique in itself, but I believe the structure and all this one document has governed is what truly makes it unique.

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The structure of the Constitution was set out to establish a national government that could not be challenged by an individual state. It was to oversee and govern the nation but with forethought not allowed absolute power. The Framers obtained this by instituting the separation of powers among three branches of government:  legislative, executive and judicial. The credence of the Framers’ came about after experiencing the concentration of authority during the Revolutionary period, when legislature had the authority. By separating the power and allocated authority, it prevented one section of the government from overpowering another. This balancing of power is ...

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