Age is a factor that can affect eyewitness testimony.

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Eyewitness testimony

Age is a factor that can affect eyewitness testimony. Poole and Lindsay concluded a study on how age can effect eyewitness testimony.  They used children aged 4 to 8 years old who watched a science demonstration, their parents then read them a story. The story contained new elements that were not in the science demonstration. They then asked questions about the demonstration and found that the children had absorbed the information in the story into their memory. They were they asked where this information came from and the older children could say that it was from the story whereas the younger could not.

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A strength of the study is that it was done in a lab which means there is high control over the variables which means the investigator can manipulate the variables. Therefore, we can infer the cause and effect and makes the study more reliable.

Research supporting this was done by Yarmey et al. they had young and elderly adults watch a filmed event and were asked questions about the event. 80% of the elderly adults forgot to mention key features whereas only 20% of the young adults made this mistake. This proves that age is a factor effecting eyewitness ...

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