Biological approach and treatments for abnormality (12marker)

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Biological approach (12 marks)

The biological approach suggests psychological disorders have an organic or physical cause and tend to include brain injury, infection, neurotransmitters and genetics. Mental disorders are related to the physical structure and function of the brain; for example, neurotransmitters are thought to have involvement in conditions such as schizophrenias, bi-polar and depression. High levels of dopamine is linked with schizophrenia, low levels of serotonin is linked with depression and high serotonin is linked to Bi-polar. Treatments from the biological approach focusses on the organic of physical causes of abnormality, these include drug treatments and ECT (Electro convulsive therapy).

There are many supporting research with this approach. For instance, McGuffin et al’s twin study found a link with genetics and depression. And Weissman et al also provided a genetic link. However, same family studies reduce the strength of the support for the approach as they are under the same environment.

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Another strength this that brain scanning and tech has identified biological aspects of many conditions. Also biological treatments are very effective for treating biological aspects with abnormality.

However, a weakness is that the approach is Reductionist which simplifies complex disorders to a simple set of factors and ignores other approaches. This reduces the validity of the approach.

Furthermore, genetic studies do not provide 100% concordance for a genetic link which suggests that other factors may cause it. For instance a trigger could be stressed which is not purely biological.

Lastly, drug treatment can provide support but not effective ...

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