Childhood Disorders.

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Binita Thapa

General Psychology: PSY 101 – 05

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Childhood Disorders

Almost every child experiences some unavoidable stresses of growing up. Some such stresses are sleep disturbances, specific fears of the darkness, dogs, school or particular room or person, most children becomes too timid allowing other children to bully them, children normally displays periods of general negativism, general dissatisfaction, clinging to their mothers sides in another problem. Sibling rivalry is another elementary school problem. However normal problems that intensifies or lasts for long periods may become serious disturbances.

Some of the serious childhood problems are:

1. Toilet training disturbances: A difficulty in toilet training or bowel habits. Two most common problems are Enuresis ( lack of bladder control) and encopresis (lack of bowel control. Enuresis is more common than encopresis and more among males than females. Such children can be helped by limiting the amount they drink during evenings and making sure they use the toilet before going to bed. Announcing rewards for dry nights also can be helpful. However understanding, tact and sympathy will help a lot.

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2. Feeding disturbances: Feeding disturbances take a variety of forms. Disturbed children may vomit r refuse to eat for no reason or may drastically over eat or under eat. Overeating can be a serious problem; overfed children develop eating habits and conflicts that have life long consequences. Under eating or self-starvation is called anorexia nervosa. Mostly found in females.

Pica is another childhood eating difficult. A craving for unnatural foods such as plaster, chalk, rubber bands, buttons and mud. Persistent Pica can be a serious problem. However, it can be treated with various behavioral techniques.

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