Discuss Ducks' Model of Breakdown in Relationships

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Ducks four stage model sees breakdown as a process rather than a single event. Duck proposed factors which can cause a break down to occur. These include, the lack of skills like poor interpersonal skills and lack of stimulation which could consequently lead to boredom or feeling the relationship is not progressing. The stages of breakdown in Ducks model are Intrapsyhic. This is when someone id having social withdrawal and feels they are being under benefited. Next is Dyadic which is when the partners discuss the problems and try to resolve the issues. If they can’t then it will progress to the next stage.  Then the social stage takes place. The breakdown is announced to the public like family and friends. Grave-dressing is the final stage. A view of the relationship is established for why it happened with each person having a different story. During this stage, rebuilding of self-esteem for future relationships occurs.

Tashiro et al found evidence that supports Ducks model. They surveyed students whose relationships had recently broken down. They reported to have experienced emotional distress as well as personal growth, stating that these breakdowns had given them a clearer idea about future relationships. This provides evidence for both the grave-dressing.

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Boekhout et al also provides supporting research for how lack of skills or stimulation can lead to a breakdown. They studied extramarital affairs and found that the reasons for these affairs to occur was because they believed their relationship had lack of stimulation or lack of skills. However, a crisis is that these findings may not be genuine as purely the reason of why they had a affair at they would want to make themselves look like it wasn’t their fault.

Another strength is that this model had practical applications in counselling. Assessing which stage a couple is in can help to ...

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