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Discuss the Concepts of Nature and Nurture in Relation to Gender Development. Refer to evidence in your answer.

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´╗┐Discuss the Concepts of Nature and Nurture in Relation to Gender Development. Refer to evidence in your answer. The nature versus nurture debate is one of the oldest issues in psychology. The debate focuses on the comparative contributions of genetic inheritance and environmental factors to human development. Some philosophers such as Plato and Descartes suggested that certain things are there as soon as birth or that they simply occur naturally regardless of environmental influences. Other well-known thinkers such as John Locke believed in what is known as tabula rasa, which suggests that the mind begins as a blank slate. Meaning basically, everything that we are and all of our knowledge is determined by our experience. The nurture side of the debate states that gender is biological, explaining the theory of the strong relationship between a person s*x and gender. In this theory because s*x shares the same physiology and anatomy they have similar traits and characteristics. ...read more.


This is why Buss can categorise the finding because it lacks diversity from other countries/ societies. The research study also known as Cross-cultural research it?s useful in the debate because it if a behaviour is a product of human nature, then it should occur across the world regardless of experience and upbringing. With the nature side of the argument there are obvious problems in reference in gender. There a questions which are often asked for example, how does nature explain those cases when a person doesn?t adopt the gender role expected of their s*x even when there are no genetic irregularities? And, If male and females are naturally different then how do we explain that both sexes are becoming more and more similar as gender roles become more intersexual, for example Policewomen. The nature side of the debate states that gender is essentially a factor of socialisation (dependent on environmental experiences). Features like family upbringing and society?s expectations would therefore play a large role on a person?s gender. ...read more.


There?s evidence that people?s behaviour is influenced by the standards and expectations of their society. A research study for Nature and nurture was performed by Diamond and Sigmundson. This study aimed to investigate the role of biology in the development in gender roles. In this study the studies the case of an eight year old that lost his p***s. The boy had an operation to construct a v****a to resign his gender. He was associated as a she from then on (Brenda). As Brenda grew up she developed masculine traits, she eventually had her p***s constructed. This study can help debate the nature debate to conclude t=with that fact that babies are born with a gender identity. The fact that Brenda developed masculine traits despite her upbringing states that somehow she did have a sense of her gender identity. The nurture-nature debate has both equal amounts of evidence and knowledge to back both, but they both lack knowledge on a lot of questions regarding gender. The debate is mainly based on assumptions which make it difficult to fully believe one or the other side. ...read more.

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