Discuss the research into breakdown of relationships (24 marks)

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Discuss research into the breakdown of relationships (8+16)

Rollie and Duck later refined their previous model adding further aspects and explanation to breakdown of relationships. The first stage is the breakdown stage. Next is are Intrapsyhic. This is when someone id having social withdrawal and feels they are being under benefited. Next is Dyadic which is when the partners discuss the problems and try to resolve the issues. If they can’t then it will progress to the next stage.  Then the social stage takes place. The breakdown is announced to the public like family and friends. Next is Grave-dressing which is when a reason is established for why it happened with each person having a different story. The final stage is the resurrection processes. In this stage each partner prepares for new relationships by learning from the mistakes of the prior relationship.

The amended model offers a more realistic view of how these processes develop in real life. The resurrection phase is the new model emphasis the potential of personal growth, whereas traditional models focus of the distress.

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The model also suffers from gender bias. The personal growth associated with resurrection is gender specific. Women tend to benefit more from this which might be down to the greater social support available to them and tend to grow more in the resurrection stage then men. Akert supports gender differences as women have a desire to be friends where as men what to move on.

However, Akert also found that it was also the role played in the decision to break up that predicted the impact of the breakup. Akert found that the instigators of break-ups suffer fewer negative ...

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