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Discuss Theories of Parental Investment in Relationships

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´╗┐Parental investment Female investment in a child is usually greater. This is because female?s have limited offspring, whereas men can have potentially an unlimited offspring, as well as this, females also make a greater pre and postnatal commitment. The female must carry and nourish the child for 9 months, and then continue to care for the baby once it is born, as the child cannot get this care from the male, the male?s investment is much less, as the male can ?opt out? where the mother cannot. The investment made by mothers is also great, as human babies are more dependant and require more care, as they are born less developed than other species. ...read more.


Harris, however, found that men respond with greater arousal to any sexual imagery, regardless of its context. Therefore questions if this is an adaptive response. Another criticism is that the model emphasises the risk to men from cuckoldry. Women may face risks including abandonment and the use of mate retention strategies like partner rape. This shows that women also hold risk which the theory fails to consider. Similarly, parental investment suggests investment is greater if the father is certain the child is theirs. However, Anderson found that men didn?t discriminate between children born to their current partners from her previous relationship and their own child. This goes against the theory by stating cuckoldry isn?t an issue like it suggests. ...read more.


The theory is also deterministic. This is because it doesn?t not factor in people?s ability for free will. Many females care about children even if they are not theirs as do men. Couples even adopt children putting the same amount of investment as a biological child. Lastly, the theory suffers from gender bias as it portrays men to be more susceptible to infidelity. This isn?t the case as there are many cases of both cases behaving in this way not just females. Also, single fathers but as much investment in the child as a mother would and this theory doesn?t explain this. In conclusion, although this theory provides useful information on parental investment between sexes. But not everyone acts in this way and therefore cannot explain all parental investment. ...read more.

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