Elegy for drowned children.

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Megan Prescott

Year 12 English

Elegy for drowned children. (pg 60)

An Elegy is a sad or sorrowful poem, reflection or song written for a deceased person and deceased people. An elegy laments a death; it praises the deceased and attempts to find consolation for those who are still alive.

The poem Elegy for drowned children expresses sadness for the children who have passed in the water, but yet leaves some consolation for those left on earth and the ones who have actually survived “the net” of the King, and not drowned.

King Neptune, who is the ruler of the sea, is seen to catch the kids “one by one” in his “sure” net. Dawe suggests that any child is vulnerable to this catch. The metaphor suggested is that humans cannot control the drowning of the children; they cannot control the sea, or water, so they cannot control the uncontrollable.

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Dawe tries to find some meaning in the tragedy of this poem, he shows the grief of parents who think that their children have drowned, yet they have no proof or evidence of this. Dawe leads the reader into a thought passage with his quote “What does he do with them all?” he makes a reader think about loss, for parents who have lost their child and the loss of the child to the world. Dawe uses the word “aching” to describe the pain of the drowning, in reality the poem is aching, because of its sense of sadness.

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